History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

At the encouragement of a friend, Joseph Farone, Sr. moved to Syracuse, New York, in 1911 to open a funeral home to serve the large Italian immigrant population. From 1911 to 1946 his funeral home was in various locations on State Street. In the early 1900s funeral homes were mostly store fronts because funerals were conducted in the deceased’s family home. But after World War II, funerals were held more often in a funeral home.

In 1939 Joseph Farone, Jr. entered the business after his older brother, Pasquale, passed away. In 1946, Joseph Farone, Sr. and son Joseph Jr. purchased a mansion on James Street next to an empty lot that later became the new St. Peter’s Church. In 1955 Joseph Farone, Sr. passed away, and in 1967, Patrick and Anthony Farone joined their father, Joseph, in the funeral home business.

In 1975 Joseph and Anthony designed and built a new funeral home, which is the current facility. At 17,000 square feet, it was the largest funeral home built in central New York at that time, and may still be the largest.

In 1989 Marie Farone and in 1991 Joseph Farone joined their father, Anthony in the running of the funeral home.  In 1997 Toni Ann Farone received her license and joined the family in the funeral home.

In 1997, Farone & Son joined with SCI and then in 2013 reacquired the firm from SCI.  The Farone family also acquired Pirro & Sons Funeral Home which also operates at 1500 Park Street.

Anthony, Joseph, and Marie continue to operate the two most premier funeral homes in Central New York.

Four generations of funeral directors, the Farone family continues to improve and expand.  In the near future plans are being made to move to the suburbs while keeping our present location.   

Our Valued Staff

Anthony J. Farone

Anthony J. Farone, Licensed Funeral Director

Marie A. Farone

Marie A. Farone, Licensed Funeral Director

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Joseph Farone

Joseph Farone, Licensed Funeral Director

Email me at [email protected]

Melissa Bowles

Melissa Bowles, Office Manager

Email me at [email protected]

Patricia Farone

Patricia Farone, Hair Stylist

Joe Romano

Joe Romano, Facilities Superintendent

Anthony Mastrobattisto

Anthony Mastrobattisto, Driver

Frank Scarfino

Frank Scarfino, Driver

Gene Cusano

Gene Cusano, Driver

Matthew Michalenko

Matthew Michalenko, Driver

Ronald Grady

Ronald Grady, Driver

Sam Galvagno

Sam Galvagno, Driver

Thomas Grudzinski

Thomas Grudzinski, Parking Lot

Thomas Stack

Thomas Stack, Driver

John  Romagnoli

John Romagnoli

John Morgan

John Morgan

Juliana Farone

Juliana Farone

Vinny Pitonzo

Vinny Pitonzo

Colleen Esce

Colleen Esce

Dewayne Barkins

Dewayne Barkins, Funeral Assistant

Ed Brillante

Ed Brillante, Driver

Bill Bryant

Bill Bryant, Driver/Parking Lot

Roosevelt Odoms

Roosevelt Odoms, Driver

Joe Oppedisano

Joe Oppedisano, Driver

Mike Ranieri

Mike Ranieri, Driver

John Smorol

John Smorol, Driver

Jack Sokolowski

Jack Sokolowski, Driver

John  Tracey

John Tracey, Driver

John Witz

John Witz, Driver